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PAS 2015

Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting 2015

Session Number: 1272
Stage 3 Pediatric Obesity Treatment: The Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Care Model
PAS Workshop
Hilton Bayfront Hotel ~ Aqua 303
Target Audience: Students, residents, and faculty mentors interested in pediatric obesity management and multidisciplinary clinics
Chairs: Leader: Wendy Slusser, Co-Leaders: Danyale McCurdy, Miranda Westfall
The Expert Committee Recommendations Regarding the Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity define a four-stage approach to obesity management. Stage 3, Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Intervention, maximizes behavior change by increasing treatment intensity and utilizing specialists. This workshop will begin with the introduction of a Stage 3, multidisciplinary pediatric obesity clinic in Los Angeles, California. The panel, composed of a pediatrician, a psychologist, and a registered dietitian will identify the roles of each member of the multidisciplinary team. Following the introduction, interactive activities will highlight lessons learned from six years of clinic implementation. Objectives are to (1) describe individual roles of a multidisciplinary pediatric obesity care team, (2) apply motivational interviewing techniques to counseling interactions, and (3) apply clinical tools based on best practices in obesity management.

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