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UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Program


LA County Healthy Weight Resource Guide

 This map and guide were created as part of the UniHealth-Fit for Los Angeles project to help health care providers in Los Angeles County (especially in the LAUSD catchment area) find low-cost referral options for children and families who need support with healthy eating and physical activity. It shows the location and contact information for local YMCAs, nutrition programs, healthy weight clinics and other resources.

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Created by:
Nilufar Izadpanah, BS
Margaret Whitley, MPH
Wendy Slusser, MD

Special thanks to:
Christine Montes and Farah Shamolian for fact-checking assistance
Doug Whitley for teaching us how to create this map 

*Please note - Resource Guide is still in draft form. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information or quality of the services of the places listed. Please email nizadpanah@mednet.ucla.edu with feedback or suggestions for the guide.

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