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UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Program


Healthy Weight Clinic

Visiting the UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Clinic

If you are interested in the Fit for Healthy Weight Clinic program, please talk to your child's primary care provider to assess whether or not the program is right for your child. Keep in mind that the Fit Clinic sees children who are overweight or obese (BMI percentile over 85%) and who have not been able to lower their BMI with help from their primary care provider.

To refer your child, the primary care provider must fax a referral form and appropriate lab results (fasting lipid profile, plus fasting glucose and AST/ASL if over age ten or with positive risk factors) to (310) 301-5391. If your child has done any testing by your primary care provider or any other physician, please make sure the provider faxes lab results to (310) 301-5391. This allows Fit for Healthy Weight Clinic providers to review the results before seeing your child.

The Appointment Center will contact you to schedule an appointment and help you with insurance authorization. For further questions about qualifications and insurance verifications, call the appointment center at (800) 825-2631 and dial option 9. We offer a fee-for-service option as well.

Once the Appointment Center authorizes your insurance and schedules your child's first visit, you and your child will need to fill out a 10-page registration form. You can fax the registration form to (310) 206-3566 at least one week prior to the first visit, or bring it with you to the first appointment.  If you need to reschedule your appointment, and to schedule a follow-up appointment, please call: (310) 825-0867. 

Get directions to the UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Program.

Simms/LAUSD Telemedicine Clinic

For Venice Family Clinic Providers wishing to refer a patient to the telemedicine Fit Clinic at Simms Mann Health and Wellness Center, please use this Referral Form. Have the patient complete the registration form (Spanish language registration form available here) and place it in the patient's chart. Call the Simms Mann Coordinator to set up appointment, and if you cannot reach the coordinator, fax the form to her at 310-829-4632. For questions about the Simms Mann Telemedicine Fit Clinic, call 310-825-6469.

LAUSD San Miguel Clinic providers, please use this referral form.

What to expect during your first visit

The first visit will take longer than follow-up appointments; please plan on the first visit to last two to three hours. It is a very full day, but we want to be complete. We will work together to make sure your visit is as short as possible.

During your appointment, each member of our clinic team - a pediatrician, psychologist and dietitian - will meet with you and provide a complete assessment and treatment plan for your child. The pediatrician will review your registration form with you and ask for clarifications and perform a physical exam, and the dietitian and psychologist will talk to you and your child about diet, eating and physical activity habits, and other things that affect your child's weight and wellbeing. A personalized action plan will be developed for your child and family. Please note that while parents are usually present for the majority of the visit, a provider may ask to speak to your child by his or herself for a few moments.

What to do if the UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Clinic cannot see your child

Even if the Fit Clinic cannot see your child, there are still steps you can take to help a child who is overweight. There are also many people who can help.

  • Tell your kids it is important to eat well and be active. Make healthy changes with your child!
  • Talk to your pediatrician or family doctor about ways to help children live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Visit our list of Health Resources for more information.


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