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UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Program


Our Team


UCLA Fit Program Team

Medical Director
Wendy Slusser, MD

Medical Director
Daniel DeUgarte, MD

  Assistant Medical Director
Alma Guererro, MD, MPH
  Assistant Medical Director
Cambria Garell, MD

Program Manager & Nutritionist/Dietitian
Miranda Westfall, MPH, RD

Nutritionist/Dietitian & Researcher
Dena Herman PhD, MPH, RD


Yasmin Firouzman, RD
Clinical Psychology Director
Danyale McCurdy, PhD   
  Pediatric Endocrinologist
Anna Haddal, MD
Twyman Owens, MD
Rob Venick, MD

  Pediatric Nephrologist
Ora Yadin, MD 
Linda Feinfeld, MD
Fred Frankel, PhD


Fit Program Faculty      
Debra Lotstein, MD, MPH



Psychology Intern
Sarah Hile 

  Psychology Intern
Florencia Lebensohn-Chialvo, MA


Psychology Intern
Sarah Garcia 






Fit Program Intern
Marquell M. Craddock, BA






Fit Program Intern
Sion Lee 




Fit Program Intern
Christine Thang,                UCLA Medical Student






Fit Program Intern
Nancy Quintanilla,

UCLA Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Student





Fit Program Intern
Eddie Martinez, UCLA Student





















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