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Understanding Obesity and Weight

Will my child outgrow obesity?

Up to 30-70% of overweight children more than 8 years old will remain overweight as adults.  The percentage increases significantly if the child's parents are overweight.

Why do I have to worry if my child is overweight?  

Overweight children tend to become overweight adults. 

Obesity can lead to multiple health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease; diabetes; liver disease; sleeping; mental health; and musculoskeletal pain, to name a few. 

One study reported that the quality of life of overweight children is similar to that of children with cancer! 

Why should I lose weight?

Aside from the health benefits, losing weight can improve your well-being and quality of life.  Furthermore, losing weight has the potential to help prevent obesity in future generations.

How do I lose weight?

  1. Individual and family lifestyle changes that involve a healthier diet and increased activity are essential. See our health resources and learn more about how to integrate healthy foods and physical activity into your family's lifestyle.

  2. Let your primary-care physician know that you are ready to make changes and need his or her help and support.  A referral to the Fit for Healthy Weight Program can provide you with a multidisciplinary evaluation and other resources including nutrition and physical activity education and cognitive-behavioral therapy.  In select cases, weight-loss surgery may be an option to help you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in combination with lifestyle changes.  Click here to learn more about the UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Clinic. If you schedule an appointment with our clinic, visit our My Clinic Visit - What to Expect page.

  3. Contact your community representatives to support public-health and policy efforts to promote optimal nutrition in schools/advertisements/supermarkets and to promote physical activity in schools and in the community.


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