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UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Program


About Us

Mission of the Fit for Health Program

photo courtesy of Mia Arias
photo courtesy of Mia Arias

The mission of the UCLA Fit for Health Program is to provide comprehensive promotion of healthy eating, physical activity, psychosocial wellbeing (psychological, social, familial and educational), and overall wellness for children and adolescents and their families.

Goals of the Fit for Health Program

For Patients & Families: Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to prevent and manage overweight and obesity among children and adolescents. We work both in the community preventing pediatric overweight and at UCLA with our multidisciplinary team comprised of a general pediatrician, medical and surgical subspecialists, dietitian and a psychologist/psychiatrist. 

For Physicians: Our goal is to provide resources and education to physicians in the community and around the globe to help with the prevention and treatment of overweight in children.

Public Health & Research: Our goal is to support public-health efforts in the policy arena and in program implementation and evaluation in order to improve nutrition and promote fitness in the community, and improve clinical prevention and management of obesity in diverse healthcare settings.





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